Create Your Own School Song - Songwriting Workshop

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(one, two or three day option)

With this engaging presentation, Emmy award winning songwriter, Tim Noah and colleague, Cyndi “Soup” Elliott M.A. Edu., create a safe, supportive environment designed to inspire students to explore the joy of creative writing through song. Mr. Noah and Ms. Elliott visit classrooms and work cooperatively with students and staff to create a song that encapsulates school: philosophy, activities, curriculum or a special event. In culmination of the day’s activities, students and staff are presented with their new song and lead in a rousing sing-a-long. (see video)

Goals of the Create Your Own School Song Workshop
  • Provide an opportunity for students and teachers to participate in developing a greater sense of community through the collaborative creation of an original school song.
  • Enable students and teachers to actively participate in the creative process.
  • Encourage students to contribute colorful and descriptive words as a part of the song writing process.
  • Define and demonstrate the parts of a song - chorus, verse, melody and rhythm.
  • Help students to construct creative movements and share them during the performance of the new school song.
  • Encourage and reinforce student cooperation and collaboration during the project.

“Never have I seen our students erupt in a spontaneous standing ovation!”
Mark Cushman - Principal, Foothills Elementary